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The Andrew Norton Scholarship

The Andrew Norton Scholarship

For Innovative and Creative Young Leaders

Ask me, one day in the available light,
"What lies ahead"
We'll go for a walk.
We'll follow the ridge line track - there and back.
We'll drink with our eyes.
We'll speak with our hearts.
We'll delight in the clouds.
Ask me, one day in the available light,
"What lies ahead?"
And I'll ask you, "What lies within?"

- Poem by Andrew Norton

The Andrew Norton Young Leaders Scholarship was established in 2020 in the loving memory of Very Rev Andrew Norton (1958-2019), past Moderator, and a creative and innovative leader in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. This fund supports young people in the Alpine Presbytery in formal leadership formation.


  • Innovative
  • Influencers
  • Creative
  • Risk takers
  • Theological thinkers
  • In, or likely to be in leadership roles in a ministry of Alpine Presbytery

Areas of Use

  • Study (undergraduate, post-graduate) in areas of innovation, leadership or theology that have potential to inform church and faith formation
  • Research project expenses in areas of innovation in local church life
  • Approved conferences, including conference fees and travel expenses exploring innovation in local church life
  • Artistic development that contributes to the life and worship of the church


  • A maximum of $3000 is available per annum
  • There may be one or several grants made up to this amount
  • Applications are submitted by 20th December of each year and granted in February the following year
  • Innovative applications are encouraged!  Shine your light!!!

Tell us:
Your story – Your plan – What church you are part of and what you get up to in it – Why you think you would be worthy of being a recipient.

And don’t forget your contact details!

Applications are to be submitted to the Executive Officer of Alpine Presbytery

Download a pdf copy of this information here: The Andrew Norton Scholarship