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About Us

Who We Are

Why “Alpine”?

The name “Alpine” unites us together, in that every former Presbytery in our region has mountain ranges within it, with the main divide joining us together. The image of a braided river representing our ministries describes unity and diversity, with each “braid” being honoured and cherished.

Our essential focus as a Presbytery is to resource the ongoing health and vitality of ministry and mission across our wider area. It is vital that every congregation is well connected with each other, and the wider Presbytery. We need to work together for the sake of the Gospel.


Presbytery Gatherings

Celebrating together – Presbytery will meet at least twice a year and focus on a time of resourcing, inspiration and relationship building. This meeting is open to all members of congregations within the Alpine Presbytery.

Presbytery Retreats

Once or twice a year we gather together to listen to God and share with each other as he guides our progress. Usually meeting centrally in Hanmer Springs we are able to enjoy the creation around us, spend time being inspired and reflect on God’s call on our lives as a Presbytery community.

Council & Committees

Keeping the wheels turning – Behind the work of mission and ministry likes a number of committees faithfully working to support and resource our work. Across the Presbytery people step up to help our Presbytery function well. Our Presbytery Council and committees usually meet monthly and make numerous decisions to keep the momentum of our mission. Remember to encourage and pray for all who serve behind the scenes.