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Here you will find some specific resources relating to Covid-19 and lockdown. Rev Silvia Purdie has written a paper regarding the Church’s response to the mental health challenges that arise from self-isolation. In addition to this, Silvia has also written a 5 part study, entitled “Short of Breath”, designed to encourage theological reflection on Covid-19.

Presbyterian Youth Ministries have also compiled an 8 episode video series on the challenges of doing youth ministry in a lockdown world

Pastoral Creativity Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic is a free ebook of collected essays on Covid-19 experiences from around the globe.

Services in a Covid-19 World

It can be tricky to put together a service in a pandemic. Here are some worship resources that may be helpful.

Salvation Army of Aotearoa invited some contemporary NZ musicians to perform age old gospel hymns to make them accessible to new generations. The Offering comprises videos, artwork and audio recordings that are available to download and can be used for services to assist in reflection and worship.

A Pocketful of Smooth Stones is a playlist of visual contemplations with music by Malcolm Gordon, the video project was funded by the Anglican Schools Resource office.