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Children, Youth and Families

Safety WOF

Anyone working or volunteering in our ministries who work with or have a responsibility for children and young people must undergo training to comply with with the PCANZ’s Child Protection Policy. Presbyterian Youth Ministries (PYM) has put together a Safety WOF video training series. This is compulsory training for anyone working with children and young people under the age of 18.

Lent and Easter Resources

Presbyterian Children and Families Ministries (PCFM) have put together a ‘Season of Lent’ which can be used for churches and families to guide them through the Lenten Season. This resource can also be used for parents to practice and develop faith formation at home.

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Presbyterian Support Upper South Island (PSUSI) have shared various resources from their Family Works team and other social services agencies which may be of assistance for those who are finding Covid-19 and lockdown living challenging.

Intergenerational Ministry

Below are a series of links to resources that may be helpful for those wanting to explore Intergenerational Ministry further.