Financial Consolidation

Good News for parish treasurers! Change is coming that will make things easier.
The PCANZ are consolidating all parish and related entities financial accounts into General Assembly’s year-end financial statements. This is a requirement for PCANZ under the Financial Reporting Act, and is important so that we do not lose our charitable status!
Consolidation does not change anything at all regarding stewardship of your parish resources and funds.  

How are things made easier? 
Consolidation equals:

  • Less compliance work for parishes and their treasurers
  • No individual annual returns for Presbyterian churches.
  • Completion of compliant year end accounts no longer required at a parish or presbytery level for Presbyterian churches

When does this begin?
For the Financial Year ending 30 June 2020, all presbyteries and parishes will have their financial accounts consolidated.

What support will be offered? 

  • Sandra Kennerley, PCANZ Finance Manager, and expert Glen Williams, who completed consolidations for both the Anglican Church and Scouts New Zealand, have visited the Alpine Presbytery with a Roadshow to share more information on the process, and to answer questions.
  • Alpine Presbytery staff are available to help on an ongoing basis.
  • The PCANZ website Financial Consolidation page has more resources, including this Financial Consolidation FAQ information .

We will give links to more resources as they come available. In the meantime, here is the Powerpoint presentation from the Roadshows, plus a transcript of it in Word;
Financial Consolidation Roadshow (powerpoint)
Financial Consolidation Roadshow (word)

Who to Contact?
At Alpine Presbytery – any of the Presbytery staff
At PCANZ – Sandra Kennerly